In an effort to generate content, kill time and confuse Google about the content language of this blog this entry will be in English. Welcome to a world riddled with plot holes and spelling errors.

Okay so this is about the new Daft Punk album. Highly hyped and anticipated it has now been made available on iTunes after it has been leaked. As I really like Daft Punk: let’s do this!

And I’m writing this as I listen.

1. Give Life Back to Music

Off to a good start. More guitars than before but you could expect that after the single.

Oh, vocoders. That _ was _ expected.

Gets a bit more laid back towards the end. I really could do without the vocoders on this one.

_ 6/10 _

2. The Game of Love

Slower, more vocals, more vocoder.

Seems like there is a game of love. Not really sure what to make of this one.

I’d have to listen to it 20 more times to make up my mind. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Hmm, I like the 3:50+ part more than the rest of this song.

_ 5/10 _

3. Giorgio by Moroder

This song features a freakishly long spoken word intro. Giorgio Moroder about how he got into making music in the disco era.

The first few listens I found it really overly long but it fits the song really well.

Maybe it needs to _ click _

Also the synthesizer part on this is sick.

What follows is mostly countless variations on the same synthesizer loop. I for myself love that.

_ 9/10 _

4. Within

Real piano song.

The vocals make me want to stab a kitten. Literally. (Yes, I know what literally means; put your kittens away.)

This song is really not doing it for me.

Perfect time to get a sweater, it’s getting cold out here. Hold on. _ *rumble* *run* *shuffle* _ Okay. Back! Did I miss anything? No. That is good. Unlike this song.

_ 2/10 _

5. Instant Crush

What do we have here? Vocals without a vocoder, this might get interesting.

Not bad, not mind blowing either though. But solid.

That guitar solo adds some value.

_ 6/10 _

6. Lose Yourself to Dance

Bring out the funky guitars!

Very retro in a way but it doesn’t really click.

Also vocoders are back, actually improving this song in the end.

_ 5/10 _

7. Touch

Synthy heavy intro. Very robotic actually.

And switch to a warm human part. Nice.

Nice contrast here. Also it does sound nothing like classic Daft Punk.

_ 7/10 _

8. Get Lucky

The album single.

Remixed a bazillion times with some remixes generated from the 15 second previews actually being better than the full song.

IMHO a song that loses at least some of its appeal over time.

_ 7/10 _

9. Beyond

String instruments of course, why not.

Another one of those nothing good and nothing bad to say songs.

Strangely the ending gets better again.

What is it with me liking endings without vocals on this album.

_ 5/10 _

10. Motherboard

Interesting rythm. Wind instruments. No vocals.

Solid in my book. More daftpunky.

_ 7/10 _

11. Fragments of Time

Again playing heavily with the retro theme, some bits remind me of Discovery somewhat. That’s a good thing. (yes, I’m biased)

_ 6/10 _

12. Doin’ It Right

Actually doing it right here. Sweet groove.

This might be even better in a remix, waiting for that.

_ 8/10 _

13. Contact

The only song with samples. When in doubt, use space exploration samples. They always work.

Very rich wall-like sound. Also no vocals, a no brainer for me.

But the ending is overdone.

_ 9/10 _


Passable album; nothing really bad but only a few high points. Looking at my scores it seems like I don’t really care for the retro sound all that much. Meh.

All in all I don’t think it’s too great and I’d rather go back to Discovery. (Yay, bias!)

Grand total: _ 7/10 _

TLDR: Listen to Discovery or maybe Senior by Röyksopp.